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Is the CD finally dead? January 16, 2008

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[photo via engadget]

I confess. I’m what marketing gurus and silicon valley execs call an “early adopter”. A tech geek who will buy anything as soon as you tack the word “revolutionary” in front of it. I blew 3 of my own paychecks on an HDTV before my mom knew what one was. I summarily divorced from 5 years on T-Mobile’s family plan upon the release of the iPhone. I bought an mp3 player when it cost $300 for 12o MB (40 songs!) of space. At that time, back in 2000, the rise of mp3 players had some declaring the demise of hard music. But, without adequate support of mp3s wherever music was played (cars, stereo systems, etc.), those declarations proved to be pre-mature. Not so much anymore. At the Mac World expo today during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Steve Jobs – who says “revolution” enough to convince us he is actually at war – introduced that supremely slick piece of machinery you see above… without a CD drive.

The thing is, Apple is at war. And in iTunes’ half decade or so of poking at the recording industry’s side, the company has continually and successfully pushed all manner of digital media, urging (not-so-successfully) physical CDs and DVDs toward the grave. Now that millions of people are listening to music in their cars and on high-quality stereo systems via iPod, Jobs is attempting his grand coup in earnest. Not only will the MacBook Air be the first laptop to forego an optical disk drive, with the anouncement of Time Capsule (which backs up your hard disk wirelessly) and the new AppleTV (which lets you purchase and enjoy iTunes TV shows, movies, music and podcasts directly on your HDTV without a computer), the company is betting that no one really needs one. Oh, and that year old next-gen DVD battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD? Next month say hello to digital HD movies streamed wirelessly to AppleTV.

Can Apple single-handedly force a digital… umm… revolution? For more geekware coverage, go here. The breathtaking MacBook Air commercial featuring soon-to-be pop sensation Yael Naim is below.



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