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Robinhood of Indie Music dies, learns Portuguese January 18, 2008

Posted by rugwu in Entertainment, Music.
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Those of you who obtain a great deal of music from these here series of tubes, like myself, may have been fortunate enough to have visited the blog of infamous and prolific Rapidshare bandit, Robinhood of Indie Music. With only the subhead “Liberating your ears, sucka” the blog frequently posted free links to new and old albums from the catalogs of a who’s who of indie music artists, from Radiohead to the Talking Heads, to Tegan and Sara to Lil’ Wayne. I use the past tense because over the past few days, the Robinhood of old appears to have disappeared; leaving only this cryptic remnant in Portuguese. We can only assume that the piracy-prone hero blogger as been shut down by the man, who’s fond of shutting down the things we hold dear. The first post, titled “The Death of Robinhood,” reads “The old Robinhood is gone. Now I am in charge,” according to Google’s translation. I spent my second language years becoming fairly bad at French.

R. I. P. Robinhood, we’ll miss you.

UPDATE: Word is, Robinhood has re-emerged somewhere on the Internets. To protect the not so innocent, no links will be provided.



1. mlthead - January 21, 2008

ou est l’robinhood? nah honestly – the demise of the blog is a hard blow especially as it was a treasure trove of decent music on a web that has been overtaken by the lowest common denominator of mediocrity. any idea of where Sherwood forests’ musical vigilante has gone would be much appreciated.

2. delete - February 29, 2008

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