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Natty’s Funky Fresh Friday video: CSS – “Alala” March 8, 2008

Posted by rugwu in Funky Fresh Friday, Indie Rock, Video.

<< Natalia Ciolko starts your spring break off right. >>

As much as I love old-school hip hop vids, I have to do something different today because it’s about to be SPRING BREAK and that is pretty intense. As soon as I woke up today this video popped into my head. This has been a wicked week and an uphill struggle so I think this massive party fight sums up the Friday feeling of release pretty well.

This is CSS, short for ‘Cansei de Ser Sexy,’ is a Brazilian band who I first encountered opening for Ladytron in October of 2006 at Stubb’s BBQ. A reporter from the Guardian who caught their live act in a small San Paolo club famously proclaimed that ” they could be the biggest band ever to come out of South America.”

The name ‘Cansei de Ser Sexy,’ meaning ‘I got tired of being sexy’ in Portugese, is taken from an alleged Beyonce quote. In 2005, CSS signed to the record label of Trama Virtual (like a Brazilian Myspace), the first of only two bands to ever do so. In 2006, they got a deal with Sub Pop, who I assume was responsible for putting them on the tour that I saw them on.

As you can imagine from this video, their live show is outrageous and completely amazing. This video, directed by Cat Solen, is my favorite of their two music videos. I hope this inspires you to have the most raucous Spring Break of your life–basically, don’t be afraid to break noses instead of hearts. Aren’t YOU tired of being sexy?



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