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Live @ SXSW: Holy F*ck vs. The Cool Kids March 13, 2008

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Cool Kids 1

I’m not usually given to hyperbole, but I think its safe to say that The Cool Kids are pretty much the flyest act on the planet right now. Step your game up. I headed over to the Gorilla Vs. Bear party at The Peacock in East Austin for a show that turned out to be memorable for more reasons than one. It was hotter outside than it probably should’ve been, and the line outside was dauntingly long; but time flies when everyone’s ridiculously chic and having fun. The Peacock is a tiny venue and everyone was sweaty and writhing inside like that scene from The Matrix (except w/o the Neo sex). Holy Fuck was playing when I got there, and even though I’d heard they were an impressive act, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

HF 1

The canadian electronic/freakout quartet put on a spectacle that was a combination of gadget wizardry and live instrumentation. One guitarist, one drummer, one lever masher and one knob twiddler. On top of the ear-drum shattering dance music, the Holy F*ckers simultaneously hunched over and rocked back and forth like meditating monks or some psychadelic amoeba colony.

HF 2

With what was left of my hearing, I was able to focus on what actually brought me to the GVB party in the first place, Chuck and Mikey. The Chicago hip hop duo, who arrived early and had been lingering around outside, kicked things off with the Lil Wayne-featuring “Gettin It,” off their B.A.K.E Sale EP. Their resident turntablist, PJ the DJ, was on the ones and twos.

Cool Kids 2

Listening to EPs is one thing, but you haven’t really done The Cool Kids’ bass-busting, brush-your-shoulders-off, party anthems justice until you’ve seen them performed in a crowded room. I had a chance to talk with the fly guys from the windy city after the show and they were, you guessed it, mad cool. Mikey told me that he gets most of his tees for $1 to $2 from a Chi-town shop called “Family Thrift” and that he and Chuck are perfectly content with making dope music for free while on the way to superstardom. He also hinted at a “sicker than anything we’ve ever done” mixtape that may work its way onto the internet when their tour is done. You heard it hear first.

Cool Kids 3

Check out the certified banger “Mikey Rocks” and the official single “Black Mags” below, along with an extra-special unreleased track Chuck told me was inspired by 2 Live Crew and is tentatively titled “Miami Bass.”

“Black Mags”

“Mikey Rocks”

“Miami Bass”

Me and Mikey



1. TJ - March 13, 2008

greatness…im so sad i missed this! but flyest act out? a stretch maybe…

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