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Live @ SXSW: Clipse March 16, 2008

Posted by Natalia Ciolko in Concert, Hip-hop, Photo, SXSW, Video.
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Clipse 2

Thursday March 13, the Clipse lit up the afternoon on the free stage at the Mohawk. The cold beer was flowing and the acts, all heavy hitters like No Age and Sons & Daughters, were all moving smooth on time. The Clipse took the stage at almost exactly 4:45, came out looking like the personification of hustla yin-and-yang: Pusha T in all black, Malice in White with a gold chain to knock you out with. (I’ll post the photo.) The crowd was incredibly hype from the beginning, and the Clipse took it zero to sixty. You could really feel them feeding off the energy the people were giving, and they gave it right back.

The first song set the tone- “Momma I’m Sorry.” The set ended up being heavy on Hell Hath No Fury material, which the crowd sung along to–all the hits like the We Got It For Cheap v. 3 intro, “Keys Open Doors,” “Ride Around Shinning” and “Mr. Me Too.” However, the Clipse also brought it way back to tracks like “Grindin'”, “Cot’ Damn” and if I’m not mistaken, Comedy Central.

Clipse 3

After the show, Reggie and I finagled our way backstage and had a celebratory drink with the Re-Up Gang. (Another ‘pinch me’ moment) Malice was laughing, Pusha T giving interviews… it was all good.

I am still craving live renditions of “Ma I Don’t Love Her” and “When The Last Time.” I really wish I could be in two places at once–Clipse and N.E.R.D. are performing at the same time tonight! No! I’ll let you know what goes down, as it goes down.

Signing off,
Natty Ciolko

“Mama I’m So Sorry”

“20K Bros”

Clipse 1



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