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Natty’s Funky Fresh Friday video: Jay-Z ft. UGK -“Big Pimpin'” March 28, 2008

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<< Natalia Ciolko starts your weekend off right >>

Real talk: I had to turn off my intelligent Erykah Badu on loop to play this awesomely misogynistic Hype Williams rap video. I chose this video today because, big surprise, I was getting nostalgic for my underage days.

On a hip-hop forum some of us O.J.’ers frequent, there was recently a conversation about the songs and albums that got us interested in the genre in the first place. This song tops my list. I distinctly remember jamming to this WITH MY MOM in the car, circa 7th grade. UGK shouting out ‘San Antone,’ was one of the coolest things ever and to me, Saytown-for-lifer, it still is.

If you can take the same song and play it at a junior high winter dance and then at a crazy-ass club and also at an ironic indie dance party and get the exact same reaction, you’ve got a solid hit.

Plus, I just went to the liquor store, I am on my way to New Orleans for the weekend and I can identify with a pimp. Still love you, Erykah! Happy Friday.



1. tokyodreamsandroboticvisions - April 16, 2008

this song is classic hands down

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