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One Freakin Funkyass Friday: Legendary Roots Crew in Austin, Madlib Aerobics, N.E.R.D. Video Shoot = Club Fight April 4, 2008

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<< Natalia Ciolko starts your weekend off right>>

Hello, Natty is back to entertain and inform you with some tasty bites that I have pulled up in the past few minutes. God bless the internet. I have six minutes before class. GO!

Funky Fresh Friday video:

From the second I started playing this video, my ears were captive. What the hell plant is Madlib from and WHY is it so funky?!?!! I am not even really equipped, as a human, to hear beats like that. It kind of blows my mind. Weird jogging… Get your cardio, people.

Roots, N.E.R.D video drama after the jump.

Check out this interview with ?uestlove of the Roots with Vanity Fair. Tonight they are are performing a free show in San Antonio, and tomorrow they will be in Austin doing the same. I can’t get enough of that! I am going to def try and parachute backstage somehow, someway.

And now for some crazy weird shit… Lindsay Lohan makes a spot-on cameo in N.E.R.D.’s new video for “Everyone Nose,” featuring a dancing nose. Story short; fight breaks out, union gets crabby, vid gets made.



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