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New Coldplay – “Violet Hill” April 30, 2008

Posted by rugwu in Indie Rock, Photo.

I’m petty curious about this album… and its relationship to the French Revolution.

Coldplay – “Violet Hill”

If you love it (or don’t) why don’t you let me know?

Viva La Vida is out in June.



1. denise - April 30, 2008

I like it. Chris Martin stays true to “his” sound and the lyrics, albeit a little dark, are beautiful. I heard they might break up so I’m glad to see them come back strong. It’s been a while since X&Y and I’m looking forward to the new drop.

2. John Adams - October 9, 2008

This album is definitely about the French Revolution, especially Viva Las Vida and Violet Hill. If anyone knows anything about the revolution you can clearly understand that is what it’s about. America needs to be reminded of such revolutionary lessons, and that perhaps we are in need of another one. Thomas Jefferson said “every generation needs a new revolution”. Thanks Coldplay for making people think.

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