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I’M BACK, BITCHES… With a Kid Sister remix May 29, 2008

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[rossfphoto.com for racket]

Forgive that rude subject line but I really am excited to be back. Since I’ve moved into my new shack I have not had internet access. All is resolved now and I am back, happy to bring you whatever sniffings of culture I uncover along my digital journeys.

Y’all know I had to do right by you on this Thursday afternoon, so here is a hot remix by Tepr for you to rock over the weekend. All thanks to DISCODUST for this fab discovery.

Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Tepr Remix)


New Wale – “The Crazy” and Mixtape About Nothing Tracklist May 26, 2008

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May 30th, folks. If you haven’t heard, it’s gonna be a hot summer. Shout-out to Best Kept Secret and the Allido crew. I feel a Soundtrakk/Lupe type connection going on…

Wale – “The Crazy”

Also, I don’t see Julia Louis-Dreyfuss on the tracklist as previously reported… maybe she’s on one of the skits.

via elitaste

Bun B tonight at Emo’s May 21, 2008

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Emo’s is the hallowed ground of my most legendary Austin memories. The smell, shape and odd half-roof shielding packed bodies from the sky above will be burned irreparably into the grooves of my college experience.

Euroboy of Turbonegro surfing the crowd while guitar solo-ing, getting crushed in the Le Tigre moshpit and findin’ relijun at the De La Soul revival church are just a few of the stop-and-pinch-yourself music memories that I cherish from that shitty juke joint.

Tonight will add a chrome star to my track record as I stand in awe somewhere near the feet of Houston’s living legend Bun B. I am totally going backstage.

Summer Time May 14, 2008

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Looks super fly…

Kanye, Cool Kids, CSS, Lupe, Broken Social Scene, The Black Keys, Mark Ronson, Spankrock, Saul Williams, MGMT, Black Kids, I could go on… Lollapalooza is going to be so great this year. Chicago and Illinois are the two words of the year and I can’t wait to visit their city and see how it really goes down.

I think this will be the summer event to be at.

P.S. Why is Janelle Monae not performing?!

…morewetdreams TBA

Official “Everyone Nose” Video May 14, 2008

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So N.E.R.D. has finally released the video for their single, “Everyone Nose.” See it here first.

“Everyone Nose” CRS & Pusha T Remix May 14, 2008

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“Hey do you have any black inside you? Would you like some?”

Your brain is magic city, your nose is ATLANTA!

This Child Rebel Soldiers and Pusha T remix is so so so so so so off the chain! Run don’t walk:

N.E.R.D. – Everyone Nose Remix feat. Pusha T

PANTS ALERT: Stones’ Throw Exclusives on Turntable Lab May 14, 2008

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So I guess we’ve all been wondering where MF Doom’s been.

Today I got word of a hot mess of Stones Throw’ exclusives at Turntable Lab, which is kind of like F.A.O. Shwartz for DJs, expensive tee-shirt buyers and music fanatics like ourselves.

The Distant Star 12″ (above) featuring Percee P gives us a small clue about the secretive antagonist of hip hop.

Stay tuned after the jump for other sweet new Lab exclusives.


Hot ish May 11, 2008

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We. Are. Slackers.

SOMEHOW we have failed to post this incredibly awesome video from none other than our man Lupe Fiasco. I think the video is really good and Lupe is looking SO fine! Only thing I would change- those onscreen captions saying “Cairo, Egypt” and such are unnecessary. Either way, not to be missed.

Blaqstarr for The Crayon Set May 11, 2008

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Check out this lil’ mama dancing to Rye Rye’s “Shake It To The Ground.” She is so awesome! I like how Hannah Montana is dancing along. This girl needs to teach ALL those fools on Sixth Street how to move!!!

South Rakkas Crew – Mad Again (Boy 8-Bit Remix) May 10, 2008

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Richard D. James + Sizzla + Switch in a blender with Colt 45 = this track.

Thank you, DISCODUST!

Visit Boy 8-Bit, Mad Decent and South Rakkas Crew on Myspace to see what else you’ve been sleepin’ on.