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What is Burnt OJ?

You are now viewing Burnt Orange Juice.com – The Daily Texan’s official and oh-so-fresh music and entertainment blog. We serve only fresh-squeezed music news and goodies for 110 percent of the UT community’s daily dose of indie music and hip-hop. My name is Reggie Ugwu – writer, audiophile and blogger extraordinaire – and I’ll be hosting this shindig….Most definitely a part of your complete breakfast.

Aim rants and recommendations at reggie@burntorangejuice.com

And now…


Your summer DJ Miss Nattyciolko!

I will be the spin jockey for this summer of blogging love. BOJ’s founder, Reggie, has graduated (gulp) and is moving to NY to get his grind on in the magazine industry. I will do my best to fill his big Supras and y’all stay tuned for the hottest season yet.



1. bibomedia.com - March 5, 2008


2. Kristin - June 9, 2008

Hi DJ Miss Nattyciolko,

Are you going to provide your contact info for those of us who want to contact you now that you are here to fill Reggie’s shoes?

3. nattyciolko - June 10, 2008

My email address is hello at nataliaciolko.com

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